Parallel winding machine for coils and reels production

Main advantages

To produce rope coils and reels with pre-set length.
The perfect complement to the GALAN® twisters range.
Easy binding and doffing of coil and reels.
Easy adjustment of traverse and spacing between rope coils by means of UHING.
For twisted and braided cords and ropes as well as flat woven or unwoven tapes of raffia, sisal, cotton, multifilament and monofilaments.


Supply package creel for over-head unwinding. Allows balloon adjustment through yarn guider height regulation.
Pay-off creel for flanged reels with compensator brake (not all models).
Feeding capstan for speed and yarn tension control.
Mandrel adapted to customer’s reels (plastic, cardboard, wood…).
Yarn guider adapted to yarn diameter.
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