Modular machines · 100% Independent

Main advantages

100% independent, per spindle in UNI 1×1, per module in MULTI.
Maximum performance, in each spindle in UNI 1×1, in each module in MULTI.
Direct transmission spindle
100% independent electronic ring rail, per spindle in UNI 1×1, per module in MULTI
Independent sense of twist S/Z per spindle
Variable spindle speed control
Reduced dimensions
Easy and unlimited module addition
Reduced consumption and noise level
All parameters to be modified by keyboard
Maintenance free


Automatic and individual spindle stop motion.
Pneumatic pressure cylinders.
Lapping stop motion.
Traveller jump/break sensor.
Individual spindle meter counter.
Traverse motion.
Individual tap for ring lubrication.
Volumetric yarn guider.
Balloon control ring and yarn friction points suitable for each yarn.
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