Modular machines · 100% Independent


Doubling-twisting modular machine. A 100% spindle independent. Intended for a wide range of yarn counts and applications. High degree of customization in order to meet client needs.

Main advantages

Machine comprised of modules.

Automatic spindle stop when yarn breaks. 

Direct transmission through spindle-motor.

Maximum performance of each spindle.

Independent spindle speed and S/Z twisting direction.

Autonomous spindle electronic ring rail.

Yarns up to 60,000 dTex (even more).

Improved yarn subjection which prevents yarn from getting loose and grants a better twist quality.

Delivery of up to 150 m/min. 

You can change all settings from the display.

Variable spindle speed control.

Easy maintenance: spindle-motor and delivery roller can be quickly released.

Oil pump visible and refillable from outside, no need to stop machine or open door.

Higher efficiency owing to optimized motorization.

Reduced machine layout. No headstock.

Easy and unlimited module addition.



Automatic and individual spindle stop motion.
Pneumatic pressure cylinders.
Machine stop motion when thread gets tangled.
Detection when traveller comes off or breaks.
Individual spindle meter counter.
Traverse motion.
Individual tap for ring lubrication.
Volumetric yarn guide.
Balloon control ring and yarn friction points suitable for each yarn.
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