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The 40s: The Beginnings


Jaume Galan, trained as a metallurgist in different companies in Barcelona and its surroundings sets up a workshop of machinery repair in Terrassa.


The lack of resources caused by the Spanish Civil War (1936-39) and the difficulties of importing machinery derived from the World War II (1939-45) offers Jaume Galan the opportunity to manufacture machines, which are as far apart as a leather-surface measurer or a circular knitting loom.


The first hanking machines are manufactures for the local manufacturers of hand knitting yarns.

kiss-roll device
kiss-roll device

The 50s: Subsistance and Research for a Distinguishing Product


Jaume Galan develops and registers as a patent an innovative spindle transmission system by means of gears. This new technology is integrated in his machines as it provides many advantages regarding the existing technology. Design of his first assembling machine.


The Molinosa Machine and its novel design is a sales success on account of the reliability and sturdiness given by the gear transmission system.

The 60s: Consolidation


Design of his first ring assembling-twisting machine model CR60-64 with gear-driven spindles.


Machines are exhibited for the first time at the first Expomatex fair in Barcelona.


Moving into new premises of 1,000m2.


First great exports order of six machines for Argentina.

kiss-roll device

The 70s: Commitment to Long-Fibre Spinning


Jaume Galan retires and sets up HERMANOS TALLERES GALAN, S.A., handing over the company administration to his two sons Jaume and Josep.


Design of the ring spinning frame without draft for carded wool model CHSE, intended for the carpet sector.


GALAN Takes part in the international machinery exhibition ITMA’79 in Milan, where the novelties in twisting ang long fibre spinning models CRR-75 y CHSE are exhibited.
This same year the minitwister concept is born: the first monoblock twister with a few spindles. It is an innovative machine that stands out because it is versatile and adapts to the market needs.

The 80s: Going International


His ring spinning frame for woolen carded yarns model CHFT is designed, which is meant for the manufacture of fine wool yarns. The Spanish association of textile machinery AMTEX is born and GALAN becomes a founding member.


The company’s international presence increases dramatically, exhibiting its products in fairs all over the world.


His first precision winder model CAP83 is designed.


The automatic doffing for large package twisters is carried out to improve efficiency and safety.

kiss-roll device

The 90s: Difficult Years of Transition to Technical Yarns

A great crisis in the textile sector forces the company to reinvent itself and to carry out new products to keep its presence in the market.


His first machine for twisting and winding Baler Twine is developed. This machine is completed with the innovative bobbin automatic doffing for the model CRG and the automatic precision rewinder model BBA.


A machine range for fancy yarn spinning model CRF is developed. His first machines with Ø 400 mm rings are manufactured.


12,000 spindles model CHEP for a cotton spinning in Romania are supplied.


The differences in the company management lead to a division of the society. Josep Galan sets up the new GALAN TEXTILE MACHINERY, S.L., following the original philosophy.

kiss-roll device
kiss-roll device

Years 2000: Investment for Quality

The company goes through a deep process of modernization and reorganization, whereas its management becomes professional.


The QMS, ISO 9001:2000 is introduced and approved.


The model UNI 1×1, his first modular assembling-twisting machine with just one motor per spindle, is designed and launched.


The model MULTI, is developed and put on the market, giving more versatility to the wide range of twisters.


The new rewinder model BBCA is designed and commercialized.


Twisters models PR y CR are redesigned.


Design and launch of In-line cabling with two-for-one + ring twister, model UP-TWISTER.


During the crisis, Galan gets one of its greatest orders up to the moment by a manufacturer of conveyor belts from the United States.

Years 2010: Modernization of the company


Josep Galan transfers the management of the company to his son Xavier Galan, who is already the third generation.


The new parallel winder model EPCA is designed and launched.


A 500m2 showroom and a fully equipped laboratory of tests and trials are built.


The flyer twister model RTA is designed and introduced to the market.


The same year of the company’s 75th anniversary, Josep Galan passes away. He has led the transition into technical yarns, implemented the quality management system and has laid the foundations of the company’s updating. A spinning machine is redesigned and manufactured again, after being discontinued for over 10 years.


A kiss-roll overlay finish application device, models KR750 and KR1500, is designed and launched.


Design and launch of a range of easy-to-mount modular crews with a patented joining system.


Implementation of a comprehensive ERP management system.


First models with technology compatible with Ind 4.0.


2020s: Redesign of twisting machines and commitment to Industry 4.0


Launch of the PRX

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